About The College

The institution, The Ankur B.Ed College was established in the year 2008 by The Ankur Educational Society, Nathdwara, with a well defined motive of serving the society by making their humble contribution to Education, specially Through Teacher Education. The institution, situated in calm and beautiful natural surrounding at Nathdwara offers B.Ed. Course in Teacher Education. It is approved by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) and affiliated to Mohan Lal Sukhadiya University, Udaipur Co.Ed. College in nature At present it has intake capacity of 100 seats in B.Ed Course.

The institution follows all the norms and decisions as per the regulatory bodies - NCTE SCERT Govt. MLSU, Udaipur, for the required Physical infrastructure, recruitment of the faculty, admission Procedure, fee structure and curriculum to enact.

The building of the institution is a lively example of good architecture. The campus of the Institution is beautified with lush green lawns, flower beds and pleasing plantation. It is spread over a land of 1.00 acres with 3424 Sq. Meters of built up constructed area located in the overall campus. The institution has an excellent infrastructure including spacious classrooms, stacked library, multipurpose hall, modern well equipped laboratories, conference room, auditorium, and comfortable staff room common for girls, indoor and outdoor games facility canteen, drinking water, Health Center, Uninterrupted power supply, internet, fax, photocopier, phone etc.

The institution has its prime ambition – to get acknowledge as a premier institution with a difference. The difference is being created by providing conducive environment to teaching, learning, research and innovation, liberty to teacher and student-teachers for their maximum potential actualization with novel, ICT and value imbibed academic practices.

The board of Governors, academic and administrative bodies, various committees of the institution and the student of all Houses and tutorials work doing efforts whole- heartedly for realizing this mammoth ambition, So focus of the institution is at creating and sustaining the environment, where prospective teacher will develop an aptitude for teaching, scientific and humanistic attitude, sprit of services to the society and all the essentials of teaching learning skills. This is being done here under visionary leadership of chairman, Director and principal with competent and committed faculty in team. The members of management committee are well educated, socially responsible and humble human being strongly determined and dedicated to the cause of social welfare through providing quality teacher education. The faculty members are well qualified, experienced, enthusiastic and sincere towards their profession, always ready to learn – how to chisel out the best among their student’s teachers, Teacher educators themselves use and encourage the student teachers to use ICT in their classroom teaching to meet the emerging needs and problems of the school education in global context. The value oriented practices in teacher education enables the student teachers and teachers to make harmony among different sections of the society. The institution is swiftly rearing up for changes occurring in teacher education in India and abroad.

The institution encourages and sponsors the teachers as well as student teachers for participation in professional development programs, seminar, conference, workshop and Intra College and inters college competitions of academic and co curricular activities respectively.

The institution practices the best in teaching learning in collaboration with practice teaching schools, academic members, educationists, education department, alumni, and parents of student teachers and person of local administrative bodies. These are involved in positive social interaction through various prominent institutional curricular, co-curricular and extension activities.

Thus the institution stands out as a unique college of teacher education for its distinct emphasis on imparting the sound theoretical knowledge of curriculum subjects, teaching and training methods, including practical exposure to actual teaching with a humanistic touch to groom the student teacher to become both effective teacher and fine persons. Finally, the student teachers should be capable of carving out and drawing out the best in humans who would contribute in shaping the future of the STATE and building the GLOBAL VILLAGE.


1. To recognize, promote and develop the capabilities and universal values in the student teachers needed for cohesion and welfare of society and nation
2. To make aware, inspire and enable the student teachers to integrate the ICT with ancient Indian educational philosophy for a quality academic environment.
3. To stimulate, educate and enable the student teachers for excellence in teaching, learning, research and innovation.
4. To develop attitude, competence and core skills, essential to teaching learning process among the student teachers.
5. To encourage the student teachers to derive an everlasting capacity of realizing and executing their roles and responsibilities in learner’s holistic development.
6. To provide an enthusiastic, motivating, inspiring and equally accessible teaching – learning environment, conducive to the professional growth of teacher educators and student teachers.
7. To invent, adopt and practice the knowledge of ICT for teaching, learning and training of student teachers to meet the emerging issues, needs and problems of the school education system in global context.

The objectives of the institution address following major considerations:

INTELLECTUAL, ACADEMIC AND TRAINING: The institution has vital action plans for this purpose. Enlightened and qualified faculty members consider the individual differences of the student teachers and educate them accordingly. Individualized care, effective methodology, experience enriched co-curricular practices, using ICT equipment and professionally sound faculty ensure the development of intellect and best academic and training practices.

EQUITY AND ACCESS TO THE DISADVANTAGED: The opportunities to participate in various academic and curricular activities are equally accessible to the student teachers. The house and tutorial provision for personal attention of the students teachers. The house and tutorial provision for personal attention of the student teachers is observed. So it is assured that all the student teachers are equal by denying the defferences of religion, language, region, gender and caste.

SELF DEVELOPMENT: The objectives of the institution have a thrust upon the self development of student teachers and teacher educators in terms of knowledge, skill, competence, attitude, professional growth, value inculcation and social cohesion. All curricular, Co-curricular and extension activities ensure the purpose.

COMMUNITY AND NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: The professionally competent and value oriented teachers are instrumental to the community and national is exhibited in its extension services, teaching practice and teacher-training techniques.

ISSUE OF ECOLOGY AND ENVIRMENT: The Institution adopts the sustainable development approach for the issues of ecology and environment. The institution has optional paper on Environmental Education’ in theory and world environment day celebration, save water and make clean tidy environment campaigns, sewage treatment plant are in practice for the purpose. The institution sensitizes the masses through teaching, seminars, conferences, different competition and campaigns about conservation of environment.

VALUE ORIENTATION: Values are both taught and caught in this institution. Institution performs Hawn in the beginning of each session. Each academies activity and daily sessions begin with prayer. The theoretical papers along with work education & work experience envisage the knowledge and practice of values. Values like truth, beauty, goodness, co-operation, honesty, dignity for manual labor, team work, social service, conservation of ecology and environment, respect for all religions, languages etc. are practiced by all the faculty members and students.

EMPLOYMENT: The institution provides training in all communication skill teaching skills, handling of ICT, equipment in an efficient manner which ensures the employability of the student-teachers.

GLOBAL TRENDS AND DEMANDS: The explosion of knowledge, use of ICT in curriculum transaction and crisis of values are the global issues in education. By considering the updates in education and maintaining discipline, institution works for the global trends and demands. Vision of the Institution To become the center of academic excellence in the area of teacher education by providing quality teach education programmers at par with the national and international standards to the rural youth inculcating in them our culture, heritage and values along with complete education.

Mission of the Institution

  • Serving the humanity
  • To prepare the teachers capable of responding to global social demands and meeting the challenges in education.
  • To rejuvenate in the teaching – learning process with ICT and value imbedded education in the context of modernization and social change.
  • To address to the ever emerging issues and problems of school and teacher education and discover the remedial measures.
  • To ensure the contribution of all stakeholders in the all pervasive sustainable development of the society.

Values of the Institution

The institution promotes the following core values:

  • Developing a sense of universal brotherhood by inculcating the eternal values.
  • Building an academic environment where excellence in Knowledge, skills and competence contribute to national development
  • Integration of information and communication technology with ancient wisdom of India education system.

The Ankur Educational Society - Documents

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